We make hats by hand, one at a time, in Mexico

We are the premier manufacturer of high quality men's and women's headwear in Mexico and we are fully certified for best practices and sustainability.

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Woman embroidering a hat in the Fergar factor

Why Choose Fergar?

Personal Touch

We recognize that great hats mean nothing without great service. Your call will be answered live and your emails will be answered within 24-hours. You will be treated like the important customer you are.

Competitively Priced

Our materials are second to none. And yet, we offer pricing that, in these times, is hard to beat. We work on short margins, consolidated duty free shipping to Laredo, Texas, and manageable minimum order quantities.

High-Quality Materials

We source high quality, sustainable materials throughout Latin America to provide you with eye-catching, customer pleasing products. Our wool felts, Mexican palms, Ecuadoran Panamas and all other fabrications are carefully examined prior to production. And our inventory of trims for both inside and outside of our hats is vast.

Duty Free

We make it easy. Your order is containerized and shipped, duty-free to Laredo, Texas. Minimum per hat shipping costs are built right into the cost of each hat. Containers leave our factory nearly every week of the year. Our expert customs brokers will clear your shipment in Laredo and work with you to forward to your desired location. And, best of all, DUTY free!

Celebrating Our 31st Anniversary in 2023

Fergar S.A. de C.V., one of Mexico’s premier hat-makers, is celebrating its 31st year in business in 2023. What was once a small business with just 20 people has become a continually expanding purveyor of fine men’s and women’s hats that now employs nearly 200 people.

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