We produce high-quality, custom headwear.

Fergar is a Mexican based manufacturer of fine quality men's and women’s headwear. We produce hats under custom labels for many of the finest headwear distributors in North American such as Milano Hat Company, Hat-Co (distributors of Stetson, Dobbs and other fine brands), Brixton, Dorfman-Pacific, Peter Grimm and many others.

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Woman making a hat in the Fergar factory

Our Rich Mexican History

Our Values

What We Care About

The care and safety of our employees

Attention to detail

Exceptional service to our customers

Fair pricing

Quick response & lead times

Full transparency

A constantly emerging recognition of the need to provide sustainable products for both our Latin and North American customers

Our History

How it all started

Fergar sold its first hat in April 1992. But the story begins many years earlier, when my great grandfather, Mr. Vicente Fernández Zúñiga, arrived in Mexico from Navarra, Spain, in 1920, looking to find land for his dreams and aspirations.

Arriving in Tehuacán, Puebla, he discovered that manufacturing HAND-MADE HATS was a productive field for which he felt an immediate inclination. So he delved into it, he worked on it, he understood it, and soon after, he became a prominent producer of palm items by founding his own hat-making company of national palm and local crafts.

His eldest son, Vicente Fernández Sánchez, my grandfather, went to St. Louis, Missouri (1948) to study for his Industrial Engineering degree. There he met Mr. Jean Goodson, who worked at the International Hat Company, a well-known company in the hat sector.

Years later, Vicente F.S. and his two children (including my father Francisco) took a trip to St. Louis, Missouri, to visit Jean Goodson. My grandfather and father were interested in creating a new hat company that would specialize in hats of the highest quality and include a broader range of styles and materials. They knew that Mr. Goodson had all the contacts and experience to make this dream come true, and they were right. So they decided to work together, which is how IMPO EXPORT FERGAR was founded.

30 years later, that dream is still a reality. Now in its fourth decade and with 4th generation family members very much involved, Fergar continues to manufacture the finest woven, felt, and authentic Panama hats of the highest quality, consistently following and honoring the path started by our great grandfather so many years ago.

Check out the timeline below to see how we persevered through good and bad times and are now seeing our best production ever.


Mr. Vicente Fernández Zúñiga, my great grandfather, arrives in Tehuacan from Spain


Vicente Fernández Sánchez, my grandfather, arrives in St. Louis and meets Jean Goodson


Vicente Fernández Sánchez, my grandfather, takes his children, including my father Francisco to St. Louis and decides with Jean Goodson to start Fergar


Fergar S.A. de C.V. was incorporated.


Construction of the building in which we still make hats was finished, and we sold our first hats.


Alfredo Gasca joined us as head of production.


We were awarded as one of the best exporters in the category of small industries by then Mexican President, Ernesto Sedillo Ponce de Leon.


Exported hundreds if not thousands of containers of hats to the US market.


Sales slumped dramatically as Chinese imports flooded North America with cheap hats.


We considered closing the business but persevered and began promoting our ability to do custom designed hats and attracted the attention of several fashion companies


Our best year in business by far with many great customers and an ever-expanding array of custom-made hats.


Oscar Gasca, nephew of and trained by Alfredo, assumes role as production manager.


Our 31st Anniversary! Zaloa Fernández Marquínez, daughter of Francisco, granddaughter of Vicente Fernández Sánchez  and great granddaughter of Vicente Fernández Zúñiga joins the business.